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The conference outdoor area

This year, the area will be a place for wonderful community, good food, or perhaps a refreshing ice cream! Naturally, there will also be plenty of coffee available. The iconic Taco Tent and several tasty food trucks will be available, as well as lovely seating areas. The conference will also feature several different booths, both indoors and outdoors, that you can take the opportunity to visit. If you have children check out the festival area created especially for children, and a hangout spot for youth as well! You'll find more information about the different parts below. You will definitely find something you like; see you in the area!

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Bus line 6 (Södra Årsta Slavsta), depart on “Kummingatan” bus stop
Bus line 7 (Årsta Fyrislund), depart on “Axel Johanssons gata” bus stop
Bus line 1 (Boländerna / Gränbystaden Nyby), depart on “Axel Johanssons gata” bus stop


This year, there are plenty of parking options available! You will be able to park in our regular parking lot outside the church and around the Arena, as well as in designated grass areas behind Ingo gas station and beside Shurgard, and around Kristallen. Please note that signed parking regulations apply at Kristallen, including the requirement for a parking disc on all spaces and a maximum stay of 2 or 3 hours, so please pay attention to the signs. Around the entire Kristallen area, there is a parking ban from 00:00 to 05:00. Disabled parking is available in the church's main parking lot with designated spaces at the side entrance. All parking alternatives are marked on the parking map! <br />
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Children´s meeting | For children born 2015-2020

The Europe Conference is a conference for the whole family, which is why we are proud to present a tailored conference for our youngest visitors. Here is information about all the meetings and happenings taking place at KIDS during the week.

Children's Meetings | for children born 2015-2020
Welcome to the City of Heroes! This year, we will be visiting the city where the superheroes Unloved Angel, Insecure Tryggve, Selfless Kjell, and Unforgiven Frida live. Thankfully, the Superheroes' Superhero also resides in the city! However, the question remains – are they ready to meet him?
We gather every day at 10:00 AM in the arena (on the other side of the parking lot). Through drama, worship, prayer, and lots of fun, we hope that children will make many new friends but, above all, get to know the Superheroes' Superhero – Jesus! To attend our children's meetings, you do not need to check in your child, but an adult companion must accompany them.
Warm welcome!

Hero Groups | for children born 2015-2020
In the afternoons, we have Hero Groups (activity groups for our little heroes) between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM. There are various fun activities for your child to choose from: play, crafts, and sports, and all checked-in children are also treated to refreshments.
You can check your child into a Hero Group at the bottom of the Kids corridor (the right corridor of the church building, towards the parking lot). Check-in opens at 2:30 PM. A warm welcome to all heroes!

JG | For children born 2011-2014

JG stands for Jesus generation and is for those who have completed grades 3-6.

JG | Worship Service
In the evenings at 7:00 PM and on Sunday at 10:00 AM, we have a special worship service for you in the Children's Church, where we praise God, deepen our faith in Him, and conclude with buying candy in the kiosk and fellowship out on the playground. We believe that God wants to meet you and speak to you, so come with expectation. Bring a small amount of money (maximum 15 SEK) to buy treats in the kiosk. Payment can be made in cash or via Swish.

JG | Happenings
Every afternoon we have various activities such as scavenger hunts, kickball tournaments, water fights, and movie screenings. This is an excellent opportunity to make new friends and have a great time! We gather every day at 2:30 PM in the Children's Church located in the right corridor.
Bring a friend and come along!

Below you can see which activities are offered on each day:
Wednesday: Scavenger Hunt
Thursday: Movie Time
Friday: Water Fight (Bring a towel & change of clothes)
Saturday: Kickball Tournament

To Parents: Children are checked in at JG by the accompanying adult outside the Children's Church. This allows us to account for the children in case of an evacuation and to collect your contact information. After the service in Children's Church, the children will follow the leaders to the playground, where we will have games, activities, a kiosk, and wonderful fellowship until the main service ends. Please agree on a meeting place with your child so that you can find each other after the service.

Festival Area | For children of all ages

The festival area is open between our worship services and activities. Here you can buy cotton candy, ride on a carousel, bounce in a bouncy castle, and much more. The area is open from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM. Near the entrance to the festival area, you can buy armbands and tickets valid for all attractions, as well as snack tickets valid for purchasing cotton candy, popcorn, and slush.


Welcome to the Europe Conference 2024 at Youth. During these days, our wish is that you as a youth will be filled, blessed, and grow in confidence for the new school year ahead!

In addition to the fantastic services, as a youth, you have the opportunity to hang out in the Youth Hang Outs Tent, located in the large parking lot between the church building and the Arena. There, we will have services on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons at 3:00 PM with valuable, relevant, and inspiring sermons from great speakers. The tent opens at 3:00 PM in conjunction with the start of the service, and you will have access to it until and even after the evening meeting. The tent is also intended to be a place for fellowship, joy, great music, comfortable seating, and why not cool off with a summer juice offered in the tent?! In the Hangout Tent, you will also find games like FIFA and many other board games. In the evenings, there will be concerts and talk shows of various kinds, where you have the opportunity to win various prizes. So come and join the cool atmosphere! Check the schedule for more details about what’s happening in the tent. The age limit for the tent is 13 years and up!

There will be various tournaments and activities held throughout the week that you just can't miss. Everything from basketball, football, and something we call Open Games. Sign up below!

However, Friday evening at the conference is no ordinary evening, as we have Revival Night, the mandatory night meeting. An evening primarily aimed at you as a youth. This is an evening you don't want to miss! A fun service packed with fantastic praise, wonderful presence of God, and a great sermon from Ankit Sajwan. There is also the opportunity for you to receive prayer and ministry.

Make sure to be there week 30 and bring all your friends so we can have an amazing week together and end the summer vacation on a high note!

Seminar - "Building Bridges" | Fouad Masri

On Wednesday from 17:00 to 18:00, we have a seminar with Fouad Masri.
Fouad Masri was born in Lebanon and now lives in the United States. His organization, Crescent Project, is passionate about equipping Christians to build bridges to Muslims.
Crescent Project's mission is to inspire, equip, and serve the Church to reach Muslims with the Gospel of Christ for the glory of God. Their vision is to see a day when fear is replaced with love and millions of Christians actively share the truth of Christ with millions of Muslims for the glory of God.