The Conference Area

The conference area is a place for lovely fellowship, good food or maybe a refreshing ice cream! Taco tents and several good food trucks will be offered, as well as lovely community spaces and seating. The area will also offer a lot of different booths that you can take the chance to visit, a festival area for children and a hangout for Youth. You can find more information about the different parts below. You will definitely find something you like, see you at the site!


The Europe Conference is a conference for the whole family, so we are proud to present a tailor-made conference for our youngest visitors. Here is information about all the fun things happening at KIDS during the week.

Festival Area | For children of all ages
The festival area is open between our church services and activities. Here you can buy cotton candy, ride a carousel, jump in a bouncy castle, and much more. The area’s opening hours are 12:00 pm-2:30 pm and 5:00 pm-6:30 pm. Adjacent to the entrance at the Festival Area, you can buy ride bands and tickets that apply to all attractions.

Children’s Meetings | for children born 2014-2019
Welcome to the children’s worship service! Every day at 10:00 am, we have a children’s meeting in the arena on the other side of the parking lot. Here we discover the Bible, praise God, and have a really good time together. In the middle of the children’s meeting, we offer all children ice cream. Children need to be accompanied by an adult at these meetings, there is no check-in. Come and celebrate with us!

Safari Groups | for children born 2014-2019
In the afternoons, we have Safari Groups between 3:00 pm-5:00 pm, where there will be fun activities for your child to choose from. You check your child in to the Safari Groups at the end of the right corridor. Check-in opens at 2:30 pm. We offer all children snacks.

JG | for children born 2010-2013
JG stands for “Jesus Generation” and is for those who have completed grades 3-6. In the evenings at 7:00 pm, we have a special church service for you in the Children’s Church. Where we praise God, go deeper into our faith and end with visit to buy treats at the kiosk and hanging out together in the JG lounge. Bring a few coins (maximum 20 SEK) if you want to buy something at the kiosk.
JG Happenings! Every afternoon, we have activities such as crafts and games, rounders tournament, water fights, and movie screenings. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends! We gather every day at 2:40 pm in the Children’s Church located at the end of the right corridor. Bring a friend and come!


Welcome to the Europe Conference 2023 at Youth. During these days, our desire at Youth is for you as a youth to be fulfilled, blessed, equipped, and ready for your new school year ahead!

In addition to the amazing services, you as a youth have the opportunity to hang out in the Youth Hangout tent, which is located in the large parking lot between the church building and the arena. The tent is intended to be a place of community, joy, great music, comfortable seating, and why not cool off with some summer juices offered in the tent. In the Hangout tent, you will also find games like FIFA, Mario Cart, and many other board games. In the evenings, there will be concerts and talk shows of various kinds, where you have the opportunity to win different prizes. So come and feel the atmosphere.

There will be various tournaments and activities during the week that you simply can’t miss. Everything from basketball, football, to something we call ”Open Games,” read more in the schedule below!

Friday evening at the conference is not just any night, as we have the mandatory Night Meeting. A party night primarily aimed at you as a youth. This is a night you do not want to miss! A fun party night filled with amazing worship, wonderful God’s presence, and a great sermon from Elaine Fisher. There is also the possibility for you to receive prayer and ministry.

Be sure to be there in week 31 and invite all your friends so we can have an amazing week together and end the summer vacation on a high note!


Wednesday 7/26


Open Games

Time: 1.00 pm
Location: The Arena

Thursday 7/27


FIFA Tournament

Time: 1.00 pm
Location: Youth Tent
(Check-in at the youth tent at 12:00 PM)

Friday 7/28


Basketball Tournament

Time: 1.00 pm
Location: The Arena
(Check-in at the arena at 12:00 PM)

Saturday 7/29


Football Tournament

Time: 1.00 pm
Location: The Football field
(Check-in at the football field at 12:00 PM)


Football Tournament Final

Time: 10.00 pm
Location: The Football field

The Europe Conference 2023
July 25 - 30


The best days of summer at Word of Life.

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