Jonathan Stockstill, USA

Jonathan is serving as Senior Pastor of Bethany Church, Baton Rouge. Bethany Church has grown into a multicultural, dynamic and missions focused church with over 10 000 members in over 5 campuses, hosting 12 worship services each Sunday. Jonathan is a dynamic speaker and is a prominent leader and role model for other young leaders over the entire USA. He has a background as a worship leader for over 15 years and has a heart for worship and seeing the presence of God touch the lives of people. Jonathan is married to Angie and together they have 4 children, Evie, Andie, Beckham and Savie. We look forward to listening to Jonathan Stockstill at the Europe Conference 23!

Elaine Fisher, Houston, USA

Elaine Fisher is Pastor of Gateway Church in Houston. She is the daughter of Robert Morris, Pastor of Gateway Church in Dallas.
Elaine developed a personal relationship with God as a teenager when she reached rock bottom at the age of 19. Over the past 10 years she has traveled and preached in churches, conferences and TV, where she shares her powerful testimony and teaches the Word. She teaches with authenticity and engages all and listen and inspires people to action. Elaine and her husband Ethan pastor Gateway Church in Houston and together they have 4 children. We look forward to hearing what God has placed on Elaine’s heart this Europe Conference!

Night of Hope, Sweden

Heart of Evangelism, founded by Sebastian Stakset and his team, is currently traveling throughout Sweden with the campaign ’There is Hope.’ In collaboration with local churches, they are gathering large crowds of people and preaching about Jesus. Flavia Perez and Betz Assefa are two members of the team who have encountered the light and will be joining us at the Europe Conference. Betz comes from a difficult criminal background where life lacked meaning, but now he travels to churches and schools, speaking to both young and old about his life. Flavia also comes from a difficult background and as she says, ”I sought confirmation everywhere and that people would see my heart, but God saw my heart.” Today, she leads “Heart Stockholm” with her husband and does amazing work. At the Europe Conference, we will hear both Flavia and Betz talk about how God has taken them from darkness into his transforming love!

Jan Blom, Livets Ord Uppsala

Jan, or Janne as we often call him, was saved from the streets through the church and has worked as a youth pastor, associate pastor, and leader of the church’s social work before being appointed as the head pastor of Livets Ord in Uppsala. Janne has a passion for the vulnerable and marginalized and has often spoken about his upbringing with an alcoholic father and his involvement in petty crime before his life-transforming encounter with Jesus. Janne always emphasizes the centrality of our faith and his teachings remind our hearts of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and the importance of living a life for others. Janne was involved in a serious traffic accident in August 2022. We thank God that he survived. He has been in the hospital since then and is currently in a wheelchair, continuing his rehabilitation. Janne talks about how deeply God’s love has touched him during his hospital stay.We can’t wait to hear what Janne has on his heart!

Joakim Lundqvist, Livets Ord Uppsala

Joakim is a highly regarded conference speaker and pastor in Livets Ord in Uppsala, Sweden. He serves as an ambassador for the organization and travels around the world. He is known for being a skilled storyteller and his passionate preaching inspires people to live an outward-focused, Jesus-centered lifestyle that stays in their hearts and minds for a long time. Between 2013 and 2021, Joakim was the head pastor at Livets Ord. Previously, he also started and ran Ny Generation in Sweden for several years and worked as a Youth Pastor. We look forward to listening to Joakim during the Europe Conference!

Carl-Gustaf Severin, Livets Ord Uppsala

Since the 1980s, Carl-Gustaf Severin has worked as an evangelist and missionary, traveling around the world. During the 1990s, he played a crucial role in the revival in Russia and what happened within Livets Ord’s ”Russian Inland Mission” as countries around were liberated from communism, and masses of people came to faith in Jesus. He is a person who always has something encouraging and strengthening to say, and he gladly shares his exciting life story. Through his teaching, you will be inspired and strengthened to dare to trust in God’s promises, we look forward to this!

Albert Veksler

The Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, as the global movement that it is, brings government leaders and key influencers from around the world together to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the prosperity of Israel. When the President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, endorsed the idea in 2016, no one could have imagined that this vision would take us across the globe.
So far, these historic gatherings have taken place in London, Accra, Orlando, Singapore, San Antonio, Kampala, Basel, The Hague, Helsinki, Canberra, Bloemfontein, Rome, Tallinn, Dallas, Brasilia, Houston, and St. Louis.
Albert is the director of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast. He has been called to align nations, cities, and governments for understanding, support, and prayer for the biblical covenant with Israel. We are eagerly looking forward to hearing from Albert at the Europe Conference this summer!

Dmitry Bodyu

Dmitry Bodyu is currently Pastor of Word of Life church in Melitopol, Ukraine. Dmitry has a 30 years experience of pastoral ministry. Dmitry is married to Helen for 32 years. They have three grown ups, a married children and two grandsons. Dmitry has a testimony about being arrested by Russian troops during the initial phase of the war. Christians across the world prayed for his release and 8 days later he was free. We can’t wait to hear from him!

Mats-Ola Ishoel

Mats-Ola Ishoel is a highly acclaimed speaker at the Europe Conference. He is known for his joy and energy. Together with his wife Randi, he leads Word of Life Moscow, a congregation with over 6,000 members and 30 services every weekend. The congregation was established in the 1990s and has become a central hub for hundreds of congregations throughout the former Soviet Union under Mats-Ola’s leadership. His focus on building teams and encouraging people to develop their potential. This makes him an exemplary leader for believers worldwide. We are thrilled that Mats-Ola will share his experiences and wisdom at this year’s Europe Conference!

Maria Lundqvist

Maria Lundqvist has been working in the local church in Uppsala for many years, and she has a great heart for people and Jesus, which radiates from her life. She has been leading people in worship since she was 14 years old and teaches warmly, practically about one’s daily walk with Jesus. Maria is currently living in the USA with her husband Joakim, as ambassadors for Word of Life. We are eagerly looking forward to listening to Maria Lundqvist during this year’s conference!

Rune Borgsø

Rune Borgsø is one of the pastors at Word of Life with responsibility for Word of Life Family & Word of Life Europe networks. As well as being part of the local leadership in Uppsala. He has been involved in our missionary work and has been a missionary in Russia and Tajikistan, and today he travels extensively in Scandinavia and Europe. Rune is passionate about equipping and empowering others to step into the gifts that the Holy Spirit has deposited in every individual. We are looking forward to hearing from Rune during the conference!

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