Welcome to our home at Word of Life and Europe Conference 2021! We believe with all our hearts that God has something special that He wants to say and do in your life these days, so throw yourself into the river of the Spirit and be revived by the teaching, worship, and fellowship, to be equipped for life and for the future with Him. Below you will find practical information about different events and activities for children, entrepreneurs and much more! If you want to read more about the schedule of services during the conference and this year’s speakers, you can find them under separate headlines on the website.


This year’s Europe Conference is digital and has a similar setup as last year’s conference. In short, this means that the conference runs from Thursday evening the 29th of July to Sunday evening the 1st of August. The backbone of this year’s conference is the evening meetings that are broadcasted at 7 pm (GMT +2) every day of the conference and the morning meetings that are broadcasted at 9 am (GMT+2) Friday-Sunday. Before and after these services, there are lots of studio talks, events and activities for all ages to attend. More information about all of them can be found below.


All seven services (morning and evenings) are broadcasted in both Swedish and English. You can join the services either here on the website, on Livets Ord Play, on Word of Life’s Youtube channel or on the Word of Life Facebook page.

You can also see the entire conference via TBN Nordic. Both on demand and via Satellite. You can find it either on tbnplay.se or on the VIASAT 141 satellite.

In addition to being able to attend the service in Swedish or English, you can also watch the service with subtitle in several different languages. All evening meetings are subtitled in Norwegian, Finish and Spanish. To get this press the letter C on your keyboard on Youtube, or press the “wheel” with settings located in the right corner of the Youtube screen.

On top of this, the services are dubbed to several languages. To stream the services in Russian, click the following link . To watch the services in Czech, Farsi and Arabic, click the following link and find the services marked with that language.

Дорогиe друзья!


Мы рады приветствовать вас на Европейской конференции 2021!


В этом году все утренние и вечерние собрания будут транслироваться на YouTube с переводом на русский язык.

Подключиться вы сможете здесь: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB8MUtLX4ClxxByBST8XZpR9q2EbLA1Kb

Расписание и подробная информация о всех встречах и собраниях находится на веб-сайте конференции

http://europeconference.wordoflife.se (http://europeconference.wordoflife.se/)


Дневные программы Highlights будут только на шведском и английском языках, а Zoom встречи только на шведском.


Обязательно пишите нам о своих молитвенных нуждах или свидетельствах! Адрес электронной почты prayer@wordoflife.se.

Писать можно на любом языке.


Мы молимся, чтобы эта конференция стала для вас большим благословением!


For those who want individual counselling, intercession or want healing, we certainly want to be there for you. In connection to each service, a chat pastor is available as you enter prayer requests and thanksgiving. On Youtube you can write in the chat and here at the webpage there is a button you can press to chat privately with a pastor.

We are happy to stand with you in prayer for your prayer requests, while at the same time we want to rejoice with you for what God has done. You can submit prayers and thanksgivings to prayer@wordoflife.se .

After every evening meeting of this year’s Europe Conference, a live English studio is arranged where we pray for submitted prayer requests and thank God for what he has done in people’s lives during these days.


During the conference, smaller meetings are arranged via Zoom where you have the opportunity to dive deeper in specific areas and interact with the organizer. All the zoom meetings will be held in Swedish only. Find out more below! 



Word of Life Youth will have lots of activities, café, live music, tournaments, nice summer hangout and precious moments with God. From Thursday evening 29/1 to Sunday evening 1/8 we will have a busy schedule. Bring everyone you know to EK-Youth – you don’t want to miss this!


Activities and tournaments:

  • football tournament
  • Waterfight
  • Bumperball
  • Treasure hunt
  • Floorball

Register to the football tournament and floorball tournament through instagram @livetsordyouth.


Also keep on the lookout on instagram for more details about the conference for you as a young person!


The Europe Conference is a conference for all ages, not the least for young people. During the conference we will broadcast three meetings especially designed for children, on the theme “the best for your neighbor”. All these meetings will be held in Swedish only.

These meetings are broadcast:

Friday at 9 am (GMT+2)

Saturday at 9 am (GMT+2)

Sunday at 9 am (GMT+2)


These will be available on demand at Livets Ord Play!


Conference fun with Kids!

Crafts, bouncy castles, cotton candy and many more fun activities are also available for those who are in Uppsala!



10-12 am for kids born 2015-2012

1-3 pm for kids born 2011-2008


Registration for this is needed and is made at www.livetsord.se/kids


Mission is part of the DNA of Word of Life is, as always, a focus at the Europe Conference. This can be seen in that the offerings during the conference mainly goes to mission and that mission is on the agenda for much of the content. Sunday at noon we will broadcast the “Highlight Mission” Program led by our mission director, Christian Åkerhielm who, together with several guests from our missions department, will talk on the theme of “signs, wonders and lunch boxes”. Prepare to hear several exciting testimonies of what God is doing around the world and to meet some of our missions profiles. Immediately after that broadcast, we will also have a Zoom session for those who are monthly donors and who through faithful giving are involved in enabling this work. This zoom session will be held in Swedish only.


Word of Life will always be a grain shed for those who are hungry for more of Israel. In connection with this year’s conference, we have a special programme about Israel that will be broadcasted on Friday at noon, which we call Highlight Israel. We will also have a fundraiser for the Important Israel work that Word of Life has.



We have our own meeting through Zoom for those who are or dream of becoming entrepreneurs. You will be encouraged in your entrepreneurship and have fellowship with other entrepreneurs.

The meeting will be held on Saturday, July 31 at 1:30 pm In the meeting, Christian Åkerhielm, Rune Borgsö and Carl-Gustaf Severin will talk about “new dreams and visions for a new era”. The meeting will be held in Swedish only.


Ansgarskolorna offers a modern school with good school results in a warm and safe study environment on a Christian basis. Within our school group we accommodate the entire range from preschool to upper secondary school, including elementary school and Sweden’s only Christian upper secondary school. On Friday afternoon during the conference we broadcast The Pilgrim’s Jorney which is a production made by our students. A perfect opportunity to get a feeling of how fun it can be to study at one of our schools. Read more about us and our schools on our websites: ansgarskolorna.se  and  ansgargymnasiet.se