Scandic Nord
Tel. 018-495 23 00
Double room: 930 / night
Single room: 830 / night
Triple room: 1,030 / night
Free parking
Enter LO customer no. D359 3022 13

Scandic Uplandia in the city
Tel. 018-495 26 00
Double room: 850 / night
Single room: 750 / night
Triple room: 950 / night
Enter LO customer no. D359 3022 13

Hotel Fyrislund, walking distance to Word of Life

Tel. 018-108870
Double room: 825 / night
Triple room: 925 / night
Economy room, shower and toilet in the corridor:
Double room: 605 / night
Single room: 595 / night
Free parking


Uppsala Hostel City. Centrally located in Uppsala with good bus connections. S: t Persgatan 16, 753 20 Uppsala. tel 018-10 00 08

Hotel & Hostel Central Station. Centrally located in Uppsala with good bus connections. Bangårdsgatan 13 753 20 Uppsala 018-444 20 10. E-mail: info@hotellcentralstation.se


This year we will not offer dormitories, but we refer to other accommodation options.


Björklinge Camping: Björkliden 740 30 Björklinge, tel 018-727 02 19

Fyrishov: Idrottsgatan 2, 753 33 Uppsala, tel 018-727 49 60

Fjällnora Caming o Stugby, 018-727 06 10

Do you want to rent or rent a home in Uppsala during the European Conference? Then we refer you to https://www.airbnb.se/


Book and exhibition area

Here you will find music and books in both Swedish and English. You also have the opportunity to meet our exhibitors who work with everything from media to social activities. During the week you will have the opportunity to meet both speakers and musicians who are happy to sign their products.


You do not have to leave the conference area to get food or refreshments during the conference. Out in the area there are many different food trucks with exciting food from all over the world. We also offer everything to still your pacifier with both pancake tent, glass tent and coffee tent. The Life Word Cafe is also open throughout the conference with simpler food and coffee.


The Europe Conference is simultaneously interpreted in several different languages. In order to be part of the interpretation, you must register below in advance, and then buy a weekly pass or daily tickets at the information desk.

We use an interpretation system called Interactio. You will need to download the Interactio app on your smartphone, and connect to our Wi-Fi at the conference, to take part in the interpretation. Bring your own headphones to use with your mobile phone. If you do not have a smartphone, inform us at the information desk. There are other options for a limited number of people.

If you have any questions, please contact info@livetsord.se.

Rates: (for interpretation only – it is free to visit all meetings)

Weekly pass (for the whole conference): 230 SEK / person

Day ticket (for one day at the conference): SEK 60 / person

Interpretation must be booked in advance. Sign up here!

Sign language interpretation

If you want sign language interpretation, you are welcome to order this from the interpretation center for the deaf in your home county. The interpreting centers in Sweden coordinate and mediate the assignments so that an interpreter arrives at your order. Also let us know at info@livetsord.se that you have ordered sign language interpretation, and we will help you when you come here. Welcome!


For the youth

The European Conference is a conference where you as a young person have a variety of activities, sporting events and other exciting events to look forward to! The days are packed with activities in the area and in the Youth Lounge where you have the opportunity to hang out with your friends and get to know new people. You definitely don’t want to miss the Friday night meeting or the traditional “European Cup” that is played on Saturday.

Youth Lounge & Meetings

Friday evening at the European conference there will be a night meeting with Rosalen Boerner.

The youth lounge is always open between and after meetings. In the youth lounge you can hang out with your friends, play games and billiards or buy coffee in our very own café. Youth leaders are always there if you want intercession or just talk to someone.

More information about activities, live music in the lounge and much more will be coming soon!

Sports tournaments

During the conference week there will be several different sports tournaments and activities such as floorball, volleyball and many other exciting events. Keep an eye on instragram (@livetsordyouth @livetsord) and here on the website for more information coming soon.


Children meetings

The European Conference is a celebration for the whole family, not least for all children who are guests of honor during the week and have their own “conference in the conference”. There will be raffling children’s meetings every day at 10am and 3pm with singing and music, theater, exciting competitions and much more in the Children’s Church.

At 10 am there is a children’s meeting for children born -16 to -12. Fun children’s meetings with the Bible in the center! In addition, competitions, wonderful praise song and opportunity for intercession every day!
At 15 for children born -09 to -11. Drama, puppet theater, song, music and sermon every day!
Also, do not miss that the Festival area is open between meetings with lots of different activities and attractions for all ages.

Children’s Workshops

At 10 am every morning there are workshops for children born 11 to 06.

Wednesday to Saturday:



Beads and jewelry

Lego and games

Sports (NB! Take sneakers with light sole and water bottle)

Pingis (NB! Only Wednesday and Friday)

Parkour only for children 10-12 years (Note: only Friday and Saturday)

Come to the Children’s Check-In Desk and sign up for one of these popular workshops!

Child Services

During the 15th meeting we have activities for children born -16 through -12.

You are welcome to leave your child half an hour before the meeting at 3 pm, and pick up the child immediately after the meeting. All childcare is free.

Are you 10-12 years old? Welcome to JG!

We’re so glad you’re here! If you are 10-12 years old (or born 06-08) JG is for you! In addition to the beautiful conference area of ​​the European Conference, we have JG meetings and JG happenings for you. We hang out, have fun and above all meet Jesus together!

Wednesday at 15 JG go and bathe! Collection at the JG tent, registration is needed and you do so in the festival tent at the entrance to the Festival area .. Don’t forget your swimwear! If you do not have swimwear, talk to one of the leaders and we will solve it!

Thursday and Saturday JG meeting at. 15 for children born -08 to -06 in the JG tent.

Friday at 15 JG Championship! Report your team or chin to a team on site. Register in the festival tent at the entrance to the Festival area.

Also, do not miss that the Festival area is open between meetings with lots of different activities and attractions for all ages.


Are you a child or youth and have an intellectual disability and want to attend this morning’s children’s meeting in the children’s church. Then our UNIK hosts are there for you to provide the support you need to participate.


For parents with small children, TV transmission is offered by the meetings with different “sound level” and age distribution in the right corridor of the main building. In some of the rooms there is a microwave for heating baby food.

A free WIFI is available on site.


On Wednesday evening, a gathering will be held for you as an entrepreneur, business person or in a leadership position of some kind at 5 PM in the chapel. Come and listen to exciting and inspiring speakers who encourage you to dream bigger. There is a lot of room for networking and we eat a simpler meal together. Admission tickets are needed and purchased in the conference desk in the entrance. You are also warmly welcome to attend all the leadership seminars during the conference.


For those of you who donate monthly to Life’s international work, we have a special meeting on Thursday at 5-6.45 pm in the orangery. We begin the gathering with mingle and fellowship together with Life’s missionaries and traveling ministers. After that, you will hear more about what your monthly giving enables around the mission fields. Admission ticket is required (free of charge) in the form of a Believe card found in your latest newsletter. If you have forgotten your ticket, receive the monthly letter via email or have recently become a monthly donor, you can pick up a new one at the Believemontern. The Believe card also gives you a 25% discount on a number of selected publishing products during the conference. Welcome!


Prayer and counseling

For those who want individual counseling, intercession or healing, we have a special tent where you can meet our pastors and experienced counselors. The tent is open daily between meetings!

Prayer requests and thanksgiving

We are happy to help you pray for your prayers, while we rejoice with you for what God has done. You can submit prayer and thanksgiving topics in the information desk or to any meeting host prior to the meeting. You can also call in your prayer and thanksgiving topic on phone 018- 489 80 08 (answering machine around the clock). We pray for these prayer topics during all the morning conferences at 10am.


There is an entrance with a ramp adapted for wheelchairs and a walker for those who have difficulty queuing. It is located at the bottom of the church’s right side, ie between the church and Life Arena. There is also parking for the disabled. When you enter the church, there are hosts who help you past the queues and to places that are specially adapted for you.