Nicky Cruz

Nicky Cruz is a preacher and writer, but perhaps best known as one of the characters in David Wilkerson’s book “The Cross and the Switchblade,” where his radical repentance from his criminal life is one of the highlights. Since then, Nicky Cruz has devoted his life to give others the same opportunity he got, to leave their old lives, receive forgiveness and live for Jesus. Today, he preaches the gospel throughout the world and has written several books.


Jentezen Franklin

Jentezen Franklin is the senior pastor of the multi-site church Free Chapel in the United States. He is an inspirational preacher who reaches thousands every week through various outreach campaigns, his TV-broadcast “Kingdom Connection” and as a speaker at many major conferences worldwide. He has written several New York Times best seller books, including “Fasting” and “Right People, Right Place, Right Plan”.


John Bevere

John Bevere is a much appreciated speaker at the Europe Conference. His message is challenging and encourages purity, holiness, and to take God seriously. He is best-selling author and, together with his wife Lisa hosts the television program Messenger and travels all over the world to preach and teach at churches and large conferences.


Joakim Lundqvist

Joakim Lundqvist is the senior pastor of Word of Life Church, and a highly esteemed speaker in many churches and countries. With his passion and creative sermons that stay long in the heart and mind, he inspires to a Jesus-centered lifestyle that reaches out to others. He is also the founder of New Generation in Sweden, one of the largest youth organizations in the nation.


Eddy Leo

Eddy Leo is the chief-elder of Abba Love Church in Jakarta, Indonesia. Under severe persecution, he has built a congregation of more than 50 000 members. In the world’s most populous Muslim country, thousands of Muslims meet Jesus through his ministry. Miracle upon miracle has shown the church God’s protection and care, even in the darkest and most difficult situations.


Suliasi Kurulo

Suliasi Kurulo is the pastor and leader of the international community Christian Mission Fellowship in Fiji. They currently have over 6000 members in Fiji and close to 20,000 internationally. Suliasi is a great apostolic revival leader with a heart for missions. He runs missionary work in South Africa, Cambodia, the Pacific islands and beyond.


Larry Stockstill

Larry Stockstill has been a pastor, leader and missionary for many years. During his time in leadership he has seen his church grow and multiply exponentially. The keys to his success and his worldwide successful ministry has been simplicity, sincerity and giving to missions.


Maria Lundqvist

Together with her husband, pastor Joakim Lundqvist, she is the host of the Europe Conference and together they lead the work in Word of Life in Uppsala. She has been a worship leader since she was 14 and today she leads the chamber choir at Word of Life and has been in charge of the worship ministry at Word of Life for over 20 years. Lately she has developed the women’s ministry in the church called “Hennes” that inspires and equips women to reach their full potential.


Josefine Arenius

Josefine Aurenius is a popular speaker and author that has a passion for releasing young people in to leadership, church and making a difference in the world.


Mats Ola Ishoel

Mats Ola is an appreciated speaker at the Europe Conference with his joy and liveliness. Together with his wife, Randi, he leads Word of Life Church in Moscow that has over 5000 members and more than 30 services every weekend.


Ulf Christiansson

The legendary rockband Jerusalem has through the years made great impact in both Europe and USA with songs on MTV and songs making # 1 on charts.
Ulf Christiansson, the frontman, lead-vocalist and guitarplayer in the band was selected having the best rock vocals in Sweden in the 2011’s and 2015’s “Sweden Rock Magazine”. The band has played on many big stages and festivals throughout Sweden and Europe such as recently “Sweden Rock Festival 2015” and other events throughout the years.
Ulf will be a part of the Europe conference on tuesday evening.