Holly Wagner

Holly Wagner is a writer, internationally recognized speaker and pastor of Oasis Church in Los Angeles, where she has served together with her husband, Philip, for over thirty years. She is the founder of GodChicks – an organization with a mission to encourage and equip women all over the world to rise up in life’s most difficult times and live their lives purposefully, full of hope and confident in their God given purpose. She has authored the books GodChicks, Awakened, Love Works and WarriorChicks. She and her husband has two grown up children together.


Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry is a bible teacher, poet and hip-hop artist whose latest album, Crescendo, released in May last year. Since becoming a Christian, she has been compelled to use her speaking and teaching gifts to share the light of the gospel of God as authentically as she can. She is a first time speaker at the Europe Conference and we are happy to welcome her to Sweden this summer!


Joakim Lundqvist

Joakim Lundqvist the senior pastor at Word of Life and  a popular speaker traveling the world spreading his love for Jesus and people. He shares messages with passion and in creative ways he will inspire you to live a Jesus-centered life.


Sebastian Stakset

Sebastian Stakset is a Swedish evangelist and well-known rapper who was more famous under the artist name Sebbe Staxx. In 2016, he made an overall turnaround and then left behind a life of drugs and serious crime. Now he travels throughout Sweden and spreads the message about the love he meet with Jesus. Sebastian released his new album “Genom vatten och eld” in the autumn of 2018 and earlier in the year the autobiography “Bara ljuset kan besegra mörkret.”


Annahita Parsan

Annahita Parsan fled from a war torn Iran with her new born dotter in a bag after surviving a detention camp. Her husband abused her, she tried to commit suicide and had to live in a protected accommodation before she one day started believing in Jesus and became a Christian. Today she is a priest in the Swedish Lutheran Church and has led many former muslims to Christ.


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